Saturday, October 2, 2010

Web Design @ Webcrea

Web Design Services Company

We design vibrant websites that let your businesses to have coverage of wider market on the Internet and spread out your customers' worldwide. Webcrea deals in the client differently and the websites are designed in keeping mind the clients' goal and objectives for the websites. We assist you in designing and planning as well as the development of your corporate or personal websites.

Our designers of high profile are equipped with the current and latest technology which helps you to target huge traffic on the web. We use the most sophisticated software and tools to provide our clients to fulfill their each and every requirement. At Webcrea we have our most amicable staffs those who are able to communicate at time of necessity. We always welcome the costumers' queries and needs. Some of the tools we use are ASP.Net, Vb.Net, JavaScript, graphic design tools, Flash, CGI, HTML, XHTML AND CSS.

All the sites designed by us are easily navigatable, downloadable and are perfect in all respect. We create concise and meaningful content which appeals the visitors and as a rule your site will remain always fresh in mind of visitors as it is easily readable, assimilative as well as informative. We pay close attention for the aesthetics and beautifulness of your website.

Webcrea offers the website designs at genuine and affordable prices which helps the people from different walks of life to have their own websites. We strongly recommend our packages which is compatible to the clients' budget. But generally it is up to your sites requirement. For example if the website is pertaining to textile management then the price will be different that the website related to healthcare applications.

Pricing: Web Design/Web Development Prices are depending on work involved. Prices are customized and depend on requirements

Flash Web Design / HTML / CSS - Service overview

We hire experienced and highly creative, HTML and CSS designers and even designers experienced in flash web design in India across our offices in Bangalore and Chennai.

  • Focus and intensive training to our team on the Web 2.0 web designs and CSS based Web Designs.
  • Our delivery spans across the entire spectrum i.e. from Web Design to Clean HTML Development to Content Selection and Writing to Custom Application Development and hosting.
  • W3C compliance and W3C CSS Compliance as a standard delivery practice for each Web Designing project that we undertake.
  • An effective internal Work Flow System to meet timelines and track progress in the entire Web designing process.
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